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Addons are a way to offer bundles of products to your attendees. A common use case is to include promotional items for attendees who have purchased a higher tier of Attendance Type. Any product in the system can be added as an addon to another product.

Creating an Addon

You can add an unlimited number of products as addons to any product, using the following steps:

  1. In Housekeeping, navigate to the product page for the product you want to add addons to.
  2. Click the green plus (add) button next to the "Addons" section.
  3. Search for the product you want to add as an addon and select it from the dropdown.
  4. Check the "Addon is complimentary" checkbox, then click "Create Add-on".

Upsell Addons

Upsell addons are a way to offer additional promotional items, limited-seating event tickets, or other products in addition to an existing purchase. These are shown after an attendee has added a product to their cart, but before they checkout.

To add an upsell addon, follow the steps above and leave the checkbox for "Addon is complimentary" unchecked.