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API Introduction

Welcome! 👋

If you're new to our APIs, we'd recommend the extra 10 minutes to go through our getting started and best practices guide. Otherwise, feel free to skip ahead to the section you're after, or reach out to us if there's something we've missed!

We currently don't have any SDKs available, but we'll give you everything you need to send requests over HTTP directly to our REST-compliant API.

Latest Version

The latest version of the API is v0.

Beta Notice

The v0 API is in beta and is subject to change, including without limitation any breaking changes to the API. All API changes will be documented on the API Release Notes page.

Guidelines, Do's & Don'ts

What can I do with the ConCat APIs?

You're free to make anything that's helpful, creative, and follows the guidelines below.

What am I not allowed to do?

To ensure the best experience for our event customers, please avoid the following:

1. Abusing the Platform or Customers

Abuse refers to the act of misusing the APIs, bypassing rate-limits, gaining unapproved access to unauthorized scopes, unauthorized modification or destruction of data, misrepresentation of your integration / application, overburdening the platform, harming or harassing event customers, or sharing your authentication credentials.

2. Misuse our Trademarks, Logos, or Brand

You are free to use ConCat's Trademarks and Logos to identify and promote your use of the platform or API services, subject to the conditions outlined in our Master SaaS Agreement.