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Attendees can apply to be dealers, by specifying information about their business, what products they intend to sell, and what amenities they need during the convention.

Amenities are products that need to be created within the dealer product category. Such amenities are usually products such as the table size, the need for electricity, or the need to be in an 18+ section.

Dealer applications then need to be approved by a vendor administrator, at which point the vendor will be sent an email, and the products will be added to their cart.

After the vendor pays for their amenities, the vendor will be promoted to an “approved (paid)” status.

Dealer Areas

Dealers may apply to more than one dealer area. Each dealer area have a different product category, which gives the dealer different choices of table types to pick from.

Creating a product category

Create a product category under "Product Management" > "Products", and select the "Type of Products" to be "Vendor / Dealer".

Visible products will be displayed as table types that the dealer can choose.

Hidden products that are set as "Addons" to the visible products will be displayed as additional optional choices for dealers to pick.

Item categories

This list is for information only. Edit the list of product choices a dealer has under the "System" > "Settings" > "Vendor" list.

Dealer assistants

Dealers are allowed to request for assistants, which when approved, will be also given a “Dealer” status on their badge.