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Attendees have the option to fill out a volunteer application form, listing out their availability, their preferred contacts methods, and what departments they are interested in helping.

An application can have these distinct states to a department:

  • Interested: User is interested in participating in this department.
  • Previous Experience: User has previously helped in a department.
  • Avoid: User does not want to be part of this department.
  • Requested (Internal): A department lead has requested this user to be assigned to their department.
  • Assigned (Internal): The volunteer has been assigned by an admin to the department.

Human Resources

Adminstators with the hr role can manage the volunteer settings, manage departments, and assign volunteers to departments.


Each department can be assigned leads, look at un-approved volunteer applications, and request applications to be assigned to their department.

Departments leads must also be assigned the user role to have access to their housekeeping pages.


Adminstators can also assign volunteers as staff, (TODO: Why?), and give users a voucher. The value of the voucher can be configured on the configuration page.