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For events with limited space, raffles allow to have a lottery for your attendee registration. All registrations will be given a virtual raffle ticket, in which the event organizer can choose when to run the raffle at a later date.

Each ticket has 5 different states:

  • waiting - The user is waiting for the raffle to run
  • winner - The raffle has run, and the user is allowed to purchase a registration
  • redeemed - The user has won, and used their ticket to purchase a registration
  • rescinded - The user has lost, and no longer allowed to re-enter the raffle
  • deleted - The user has lost, and is allowed to re-enter the raffle for the next round

Creating a raffle

  1. Navigate to your event website, then click "Housekeeping" from the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Click "Raffles" from the left-hand sidebar, under the "Product Management" section.
  3. Click "Create New Raffle".
  4. Enter a name for the raffle. You can also allow staff and volunteers to bypass the raffle by relevant checkbox.
  5. Use the wizard to configure the weight configuration.
    To operate a raffle with equal chances, select "Add Static Weight" and enter a value of "1".
  6. Under "Associated Products", search for and select the products that will be included in the raffle.
  7. Click "Create Raffle".

Running the raffle

  1. Navigate to the raffle you want to draw.
  2. Click the "Entrants" tab, then "Run Raffle".
  3. Enter the number of winners to draw, what should happen to existing winners (if any), and what should happen to any entrants who do not win in this draw.
    If you plan to run multiple draws, leave the "non-winners" option as "Do Nothing".
  4. (Optional) If you plan to run multiple draws and want to accept new entries in between draws, uncheck "Close the raffle to new entries".
  5. (Optional) You can perform a test run of the raffle to verify the raffle logic by checking "Perform a test run".
  6. Click "Run Raffle Draw". This could take a few minutes depending how many entries there are.

Ticket points

Ticket points are a way to increase the odds for entrants who don't win a previous draw for the same raffle.

To run a raffle that supports ticket points, you will need to add a "Ticket Points" node to the weight configuration. When you perform a draw, check the "Give non-winners a ticket point" checkbox to give any entrants who do not win a ticket point.