ConCat includes a feature for just about everything your typical medium to large event requires.

Front of House.

This is more or less the attendee's area. From here, attendees can do everything from purchasing registration tiers to applying to vend at your event.

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The Dashboard.

This is your attendee's default view. From here, they can choose to:

  • Modify their account details
  • Register for your event
  • Apply to vend at your event
  • Find additional information in the configurable link sidebar
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Event Registration.

No event management platform is complete without a means to register for an event. From here, your attendees can:

  • Purchase event registration
  • Purchase add-ons using our built-in product system
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Why have separate processes for different kinds of attendees? Checkout enables a single place for all attendees to handle their transactions with your event organization, including:

  • Paying for event registration
  • Paying for vendor tables, registrations
  • Paying for associated add-ons, such as vendor electricity or T-Shirts
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Child Registration.

If your event requires child registration, attendees may add their children from here. Added children will show up under a parent's paid registration within the Cashier UI.

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For events that accept volunteers, we provide a volunteer and staff application system along with a departmental system as a whole. Applications can be viewed and edited by the prospective volunteer, and similarly may be viewed and edited in the Housekeeping section.

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Vendor Seating.

Vendors have the ability to submit seating preferences to your event, by stating they would like to (or prefer not to) be positioned next to other vendors at your event.

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Vendor Assistants.

All vendors have assistants. So we decided to make a feature of it! This interface allows vendors to add assistants that will be helping them out during your event.

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Kiosk Mode.

Not all events want a fully flushed out front of house for their attendees. Almost all events want an easy to use registration interface for at-con registration. In order to achieve both goals, we offer Kiosk Mode. Kiosk mode may be accessed at any time by an attendee by simply appending 'kiosk' to the end of any active ConCat instance.


Housekeeping is our back of house system designed to enable simple and quick management of your event.

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Much like Front of House, Housekeeping has a dashboard. This is your gateway to reviewing and managing your event.

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Cashier UI.

Cashier UI provides your cashiers with the tools they need to handle checkin for your event. See exceptions such as bans, clear them, accept payment, and even get an itemized list of everything the attendee has purchased. This enables ConCat to act as a point of sale system in addition to functioning as your event management system.

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User Search.

This is your entry point to attendee management. Search by name, user name, address, date of birth, and even user ID.

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User Profile.

User profiles enable event organizers to quickly glance a variety of information, such as:

  • Current registration level
  • Registered children
  • Address
  • Name
  • Active orders
  • Notes
  • Assigned roles
  • Assigned permissions
  • Emergency contacts
  • Volunteer application status
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Ban Management.

An essential function for any event management system is ban management. ConCat offers the ability to ban attendees from:

  • Registration
  • Staffing
  • Vending
  • "Other" that will raise an exception
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Mass Email.

Mass Email offers event organizers the ability to interact with their attendees. It supports markup, and enables you to:

  • Message individual attendees
  • Various groupings of attendees
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Attendee Statistics.

Attendee Statistics gives you some insight into registration trends over time. It provides the number of registrations over:

  • A day
  • An hour
  • Per 15 minutes
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Volunteer Applications.

Let's face it: every event needs staff. The volunteer applications section enables your event to accept staff applications in a centralized place. It enables you to review each application at-a-glance, and to make quick decisions on the spot.

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My Department.

The My Department view provides department leads a centralized area to review their staff, and to manage their requests accordingly.

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The Product Editor enables you to create and manage products, including:

  • Registration tiers
  • Registration add-ons
  • Vendor space options
  • Paid vendor requests
  • Creating product upgrade paths

It almost makes you wonder if a built-in con store is on its way. 🤔

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Vendor Management.

The Vendor Management system provies you with a list of all vendors that have applied to your event, and enables you to apply your own approval flow in order to:

  • Accept or deny a vendor
  • Add assistants
  • Assign tables and fulfill requests
  • Review offered products
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Role Permissions.

Not everyone needs the same level of access to your ConCat instance. Role Permissions enables you to control who has access to what by enabling you to create roles, and with a fine degree of granularity enable you to select exactly what permissions are available for those roles. All created roles may be issued to users on a case by case basis.

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Refund Management.

Issuing and managing refunds has classically been a pain for events. Everything from doing so directly through your payment processor, to having to setup a special email address to do so. Not anymore with ConCat! Your attendees can request refunds from orders in a line item basis, which can then be reviewed directly through Housekeeping.

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With ConCat, we make it easy to issue vouchers and comp attendees. Have a volunteer that's went above and beyond? Have a guest of honor that you'd like to provide free registration? Are you looking to give your first 50 attendees the highest attendance level with a code? Give our voucher system a shot!

You Own the Data.

At ConCat, we believe events have every right to the data they collect. That's why we only host your data, not own it. Find out more in our Privay Policy and Terms of Service.

Fully Hosted.

Last, but not least, we offer a turn-key fully managed solution. Gone are the days of needing to maintain your own infrastructure for your management solution.